Sundays @ 9:30am and Wednesdays @ 7:00pm 1610 Chatburn Ave Harlan, IA 51537

City Church

"Touching Hearts, Changing Lives"

I’m New Here

Sometimes showing up to church is intimidating. Our goal is to make sure you feel at home while visiting Abundant Life. We hope the following information will help ease the tension and allow you to “take a peek” into a normal Sunday.

What should I wear?

Clothes. That’s the only thing we ask. We are much more concerned about what’s going on inside of a person, than what clothes they wear on the outside. If it makes you feel better, you will see everything from casual to formal. Feel free to come as you are.

What’s the music like?

We don’t own a pipe organ. Our live band usually consists of guitars, drums, and keyboards. We try to sing songs that are deep in meaning, but easy to understand. Feel free to sing along.

Do my kids sit with me?

We offer dynamic children ministry from birth to 6th grade during our Sunday morning services; older children remain in the service with their parents for praise and worship and relevant Bible teaching.

On Wednesday nights, we have classes and activities for children and students from birth-12th grade. The creative environment and experienced teachers will help your child/student learn about God in a relevant way, as well as offer fun experiences that will help the teaching come alive in their hearts.

Will I be asked to give money?

If this is your first time with us we want you to keep your wallet in your pocket. Just come and experience a service at Abundant Life. If you like it and want to call it your church home, then we believe giving to God and His church is part of being a Christfollower.

Will I be bored?

We sure hope not. A life connected to Jesus should be fulfilling and rewarding. We use music, video, powerful teaching and other experiential elements to help you connect to God in a meaningful way.

What is the overall environment like?

We want to make you feel welcome as you put yourself in a position to connect with God. We provide fresh coffee and refreshments between the services from 10:15-10:40, comfortable seating, and an environment that will set the tone for you to be more focused on God, and less concerned about the atmosphere around you.

Sounds Great! Once I come, how do I get more involved?

Twice a year we offer our Faith Foundations membership classes. They are scheduled every spring and fall from 9:30-10:30am on Sunday mornings.  These six classes provide an overview of the foundational beliefs of our church.  They may be taken by those who are interested in becoming members or are planning to be married, or individuals who simply want to know more about what we believe!

We look forward to seeing you and pray God’s hand on your life as you continue on your life journey!